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To say that cat hairballs are a disgusting nuisance is an understatement. The good news is that a little bit of dietary modification can go a long way. The simplest thing you can do to eradicate your cat’s hairball woes is to stop feeding it its regular cat food. Replace it with food that is specially formulated to combat hairballs. Regular brushing of the cat’s fur, coupled with a steady diet of hairball control cat food can work wonders.

But not all hairball cat foods are the same. There is a lot of disinformation in the guise of gimmicks and hype out there. In order for it to be effective, your choice of cat food needs to not only treat the problem but also provide all of the nutrition that your cat would otherwise need in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. In other words, it should not be purely medicinal in nature. Nor should it be used to supplement your cat’s existing diet.

The ideal, best hairball cat food is one that can be used in place of your cat’s regular cat food. It should be tasty and appetizing. It should be nutritious. Erstwhile, it should also aim to achieve the goal of helping to promote digestive health and help facilitate the breakdown of stubborn hairballs and help propel them through the digestive tract and removed from the body through the normal excretory process. No more hairball vomit!

The Best Hairball Cat Food On The Market

best cat hairball cat food
Hills Science Diet Hairball Control is a superior dietary option for treating and preventing hairballs.

Based on our assessment, Hills Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food is the clear winner.

For cats, the Science Diet brand of food, is as close to the equivalent of “clean eating” in humans, as possible. It contains all of the essential nutrients that your cat needs in order to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The ingredients are organically natural. Other brands comparatively speaking are like the human equivalent of “processed foods”.

Furthermore, Hills Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food also incorporates essential ingredients that promote and which are conducive to healthy digestion.

It also contains fiber. Fiber is essential to the promotion of a healthy digestive system, in human beings. Likewise, the same applies to the digestive system of cats as well. Now, when it comes to fiber, it might seem a little counterintuitive to feed it to cats. After all, when we think of fiber, we associate it with fruits and vegetables, neither of which cats eat. Cats are by nature carnivorous.

You might be wondering where would cats get their fiber from, or whether fiber is even essential to a cat’s diet. The answer is that fiber is essential to a cat’s diet.

And you would be surprised to learn that they can get their fiber from a source from which you would not expect: Animals.

The Best Hairball Cat Food Is One That Contains Fiber

Indeed, fiber can be found in the undigested fur, the bones, the cartilage, the tendons and the ligaments of their prey. Also, if their prey consumes plants, then the undigested fiber from their gastrointestinal tract also constitutes fiber that can be consumed by cats.

But I digress. Just the simple act of replacing your cat’s staple food with specially formulated hairball control cat food can go a long way in terms of helping to alleviate its symptoms.

If your cat already has fur lodged in its intestinal tract somewhere, then by consuming this food it can help to move it along, so that it is excreted normally. So in this regard, you can treat your cat’s bout with hairballs by introducing some fiber into its diet.

On the flip side, it can also be used as a form of preventative care. It can help to prevent hairballs from accumulating in your cat’s intestinal tract.

Having said that, one disclaimer: None of the information contained in this article constitutes medical (or perhaps I should say veterinary) advice. You should seek out the advice of a professional veterinarian for proper guidance in this matter, when in doubt.

Is Fiber Alone Sufficient?

best hairball cat food
Fiber is helpful in eradicating your cat’s hairball problems.

This does beg the question, though: Can simply changing your cat’s staple food do the trick? Is it a sufficient countermeasure against hairballs? Or is this just one facet of a multi-pronged approach to tackling your cat’s hairball problem?

The answer is that it largely depends on trial and error. For some cats, simply changing its diet may be sufficient. For other cats, it may also require other changes, such as more frequent brushing, bathing, or feeding your cat less food less frequently.

It also requires a lot of patience. You can’t expect immediate results overnight. Your cat may not magically stop vomiting hairballs after a mere one serving of this food. On the contrary, you can expect to see changes occur gradually over time. You can expect to see a steady improvement over the course of time.

How Much Is Too Much?

best hairball cat food
Food coma?

One other word of advice: Whatever you do, you do not want to ever overfeed your cat. There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. As human beings, we would be ill-advised to consume too much fiber… That can create a whole different slew of problems unto themselves!

In a similar vein, you do not want to overfeed your cat this type of food, lest your feline friend consumes too much fiber. Otherwise, hairballs will be the least of your worries, and you may have a cat with a whole different level of excretory problems on your hands!

The bottom line is, I would highly recommend that you give Hills Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food a try. It is without a doubt, absolutely and unequivocally a serious contender for the title of the best hairball cat food.

Have you tried Hills Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food? Has it worked for you? Does your cat enjoy eating it? Has it helped to reduce, prevent, or even ought right eliminate your cat’s bout with hairball regurgitation? Please leave your comments below and share your experience! Together we can help our feline friends experience a better quality of life!


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